Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ye awaken to find yeself in a blog....

  Welcome, people of the interwebs! I'm glad you managed to find me. This is my first attempt at blogging, so you'll have to bear with me until I get the hang of things. Why am I starting a blog? Well, I'm glad you asked! In an attempt to get a better grasp of the Java programming language, I'm going to write a text-based adventure game.
  I want to deviant from the typical knights/swords/dungeons/flasks type of game by making mine a pirate theme. I'll still incorporate some gaming stereotypes, of course, but I'll try to keep things fresh.
  So, I'm deciding to document my progress as I program this text game and learn about Java. I hope you find it interesting! I don't see why you wouldn't, but I guess not everyone enjoys the geekier side of life.

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